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Give Hope


We need your help to continue engineering hope for women with cancer

Philanthropic support to fund our research will enable the G.O. Discovery team to develop efficient and effective screening measures and therapies for women with cancer.  Findings will ultimately help improve lives of thousands of women diagnosed with endometrial and ovarian cancer.

When you donate to cancer research you are doing your part in bringing these treatments to patients in the not-too-distant future. Every dollar truly counts, and it is your donation that allows us to put our eagerness, knowledge, and experience to work each and every day in the pursuit of the most advanced medical solutions.

Cancer Treatment

The Ovarian Cancer Circle:

Turning a tragic loss into hope


Making the decision to donate means you are doing your part to help engineer hope for women with cancer.

To learn more about ways you can support G.O. Discovery Lab, please contact:


Gemma Badini

UCLA Health Sciences Development

(310) 206-9235

How to Donate

Donations made payable to The UCLA Foundation can be mailed to:


UCLA Health Sciences Development

c/o G.O. Discovery Lab

10889 Wilshire Boulevard, 10th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90024


Or, fill out the form below:

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